Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Juke Ellington wobbles it up on "Trapcore Industry"

Juke Ellington, (ex-rapper under the name Haro) has been churning out some of the most catchy juke joints out there. And by some I mean a shitton, recently at least. Each one stands on its own with different feels and paces.

But this one is really unique in his catalog. You may realize something is starting to build with the creepy runs, and then BLAM you're listening to a full blown dubstep track. Excuse me, I mean trapcore. Either way this ain't no brostep, bitch. Dark and classic like the best. I thought Juke Ellington was already switching things up between tracks...but damn.

For comparison, here's this free download. Obviously his Baltimore influence coming in here. And I'll take the time to remind you about another unique Baltimore footwork producer. Juke also reps Chi-Town, where that footwork be happening. He's actually from Belgium, what a trifecta. Further evidence of the range in tones he creates.

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