Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some "CoLD" Footwork courtesy of LiL JaBBA

Good late-night footwork yeah? Still hyper, choppy, snappy as hell to keep you movin, but that overall vibe just kinda sits back and floats all mellow-like behind the beat. The breath noise that pops in intermittently sets the chilly tone. Eventually it starts to feel more than just cold...pretty damn icy. As everything slows down and gets less bright, you may start to get those energized shivers.

LiL JaBBA is deservedly getting attention because of his talent and uniqueness as a footwork producer in Baltimore. His multifaceted artful talents will keep everyone looking his way.

I wish the assholes shooting a green laser pointer through my window from somewhere would just let me listen to this in peace. Despite them, I'll be repeat-playing this for a while.

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