Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Collab "Rob Zombie" Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf prod. Harry Fraud

It's finally here. "Rob Zombie," the Harry Fraud produced, Toothy and Rapewolf collab. Of course so much of this has been around for a bit, with three videos out (the most disturbing of which is directly below this post) and the last two on the way. This duo is so singular (heh) it's impossible to pull yourself away from their dark musings.

Realest Shit I Error Wrote is still nuts. Sorry 4 the Trouble gets behind the Toothy felonious facade with some reflections, and brings in the fam for the vid. GTFOH hits hard. And Harry Fraud's production is entrancingly smooth as always.

This is some crazy shit to get lost in.

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